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Watch in wood and brown leather - Ness

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Woman watch in brown leather and ebony wood Ness

The Ness watch represents simplicity and charm - Ebony round dial extra flat 7 mm thick and 34 mm in diameter - Black back, numerals Indexes, hands and trotter pink gold color - 14 mm brown leather strap - Swiss round movement 763 - Wooden watch customizable 14 mm thanks to its interchangeable bracelets of different colors.

You will appreciate its natural ecological concept, the quality of the wood and its lightness. All our precious wooden watches are hypoallergenic and completely free of toxic chemicals.

Compatible straps system Flash Pump 14 mm


Details & Features

Watch in wood and brown leather - Ness
Watch in wood and brown leather - Ness

Respect for authentic materials

For more than 10 years, our know-how has combined aesthetics and artisanal expertise for the creation of our watches. The manufacturing process of our men’s and women’s collections is characterized by a particular attention to materials and a passion for wood. Thus, we select the most beautiful species in the world to make live our achievements


Our watches are equipped with highly reliable movements from renowned brands such as Miyota, Citiezn, Swiss MOVT Ronda and precision automatic mechanisms.

Exclusive design

Between modernity and tradition, our watches benefit from a unique and innovative design.

Watch in wood and brown leather - Ness


Watch delivered in a recycled cardboard box by Essenciel
Wood Essence
EBONY(Diospyros crassiflora) Black gold! Of fine texture and very resistant, the ebony wood is of intense black color, more or less dark. Its grain is very tight giving a beautiful polish and a silky touch. It sparkles in light due to the presence of oxalic acid crystals in its pores. Its name is at the origin of the term «cabinetmaker» used to name the craftsman who manufactures furniture

You have just acquired your Essenciel wooden watch but you notice that it is not adjusted to your size? Here you will find all the information you need to make adjustments.

Watch Setting

Our wooden watches work either with a Citizen or miyota quartz mechanism or with a Japanese automatic movement.

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