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Welcome to the world of essenciel, a space dedicated to the exclusive sale of jewelry made of precious wood , a new concept watches in precious wood for women and men of jewelry displays and convenient wood and ceramics,  made by hand limited series targeting both as individuals and the professionals.

our company specializes in the manufacture of articles of precious woods for over 8 years, and  specifically in the realization of a collection of the jewelry in precious woods gathering wood species rarest, selected for the natural colors and exceptional.

Since the beginning in 2013, Essenciel launches new range of watches in precious wood for women and men, a new concept of eco-friendly watches with difference design. all models with consist of round dial, square, oval, of different wood species and its bracelet jewelry or precious wood or genuine leather  .

Since its inception in 2003, essenciel has continued to travel the world and is characterized by a constant search for originality and quality in his work. a quest that led him to raise the fashion jewelery at a level close to the jewelry.


Essenciel is moving increasingly to respect the environment in a responsible approach closer to fair trade. 100% of the products offered on this site are from natural materials and meet our business ethics.

We really appreciate our relationship with nature, the environment and conservation of natural resources and, therefore, we make it a priority to maintain a high level of sustainability and accountability when it comes to the production of our creations and the use of raw materials in the different stages of our product. 0 a time when environment awareness is crucial for companies worldwide, we make it mission to continually develop process craftsmanship that minimize negative impacts on the environment, to continue our quality above.

Our company now expands to be both a manufacturer, importer and creator to satisfy our customers through our online store.

Essenciel currently developing a major commercial campaign around the world to ensure our professionals as well as individuals, an exceptional choice unbeatable price.

With our products, you stand out from your competitors and achieve comfortable margins !! we seek the best quality/ price ratio on our articles for you.

Currently, the essenciel creations are sold in several european countries through jewelry shops, accessories and gifts, independent retailers, hair salons and beauty, jewelry and fancy sales agents.

An important financial agreement and exclusive contract recently signed by our company with our main suppliers.


The jewelry has become an essential product of fashion.

To meet the diverse desires of women, essenciel offers six collections consist of more than 300 models unpublished. ( necklaces, pendants necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings)

Collections : Melissa - Agatha - Victoria - Precilia- Carla - Stella.

All models are finished with silver claps and silver chain silver hooks for which we guarantee a hypoallergenic and nickel- free treatment under the european standard NFEN 12472


Our experience leads us to another adventure, very complementary to our range of jewelry and are very pleased to present an exclusive new concept design green natural timeless watches precious woods for men and women bracelet with wood or genuine leather strap.

Essenciel expands her jewelry collection for manufacturing and exclusive collection of watches under the wooden essenciel brand.

Essenciel to present our new collections unpublished 7 for a total of nearly 100 models

Collection Bella and Bella leather

Adriana collection

Fantasia collection

Collection Flora, Flora leather and collection Flora design

Made in the respect and safeguarding our planet, our society is still committed to the préservation the sustainability of our forests.

Light ansd sensual, our watches bring flexibility and style to an essential accessory, no less than seven different varieties of wood are needed to make our range.

They are made 100% fine wood of high quality, hypoallergenic , away from all artificial and toxic materials harmful to the environment.  Our mechanisms are equipped with a japanese miyota system ( citizen ) and we guarantee all our watches one year ( excluding - battery )

Cadmium, lead and nickel have been eradicated from the accessory that will certainly be very popular with environmentalists.

Strong and durable, the wood used for the manufacture of watches and essenciel treated and protected thanks to varnish " organic food"that respect the skin and ensure the sustainability of watches

They are not afraid of water, but are not waterproof, comes in a suede purse, ideal for a gift to offer !!!

A collection of fashion watches also exist


Essenciel offers jewelry displays in white or brushed metal patinated copper, as well as our models jewelry holder


Our minimum purchase is 250 euros for professionals and no minimum order for individuals.

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Updating our website is made very regularly to offer our customers new creations : please often discover our novelties and other surprises hope to see you soon count among our customers, essenciel hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Our ambition ... your satisfaction and our motto.... make you happy!

A very soon.

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