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Double cord and wood bracelet - Medallion

Double cord and wood bracelet - Medallion

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Details & Features

Double cord and wood bracelet - Medallion

The nobility of hand-crafted natural materials

For more than 10 years, Essenciel has paid particular attention to the exceptional materials that make up its wooden jewellery, as well as to the know-how of our creative workshops. We make it a point of honor that our creations have a unique character and take on the soul of the expert hands of our craftsmen.

Know how

The work of precious wood is the result of a great expertise of Essenciel craftsmen. Their know-how is perpetuated and continues to evolve technically, among other things thanks to the creative innovations and quality requirements sought by the brand. On site, our designs come to life to be familiar with the exceptional and unique.

Quality, Responsibility, Authenticity


Bracelets delivered with a pouch in beige linen Essenciel

Wood Essence

AMARANTH (Peltogyne pubescens) Amaranth wood is a wood with little apparent veins, of an extraordinary natural violet color more or less dark. The peculiarity of this wood is that it takes its color in the sun: the more it is exposed to light, the more pronounced the violet is. Polishing strengthens its veining by giving it moist reflections that reinforces the effect of depth. It grows mainly in Brazil and Guyana

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