Sunglasses pouch natural cork - Blue

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Details & Features

Sunglasses pouch natural cork - Blue
Sunglasses pouch natural cork - Blue

Leather specialists in cork processing

Coming from a craftsmanship, we chose cork as a vegetable alternative to leather or oil to create unique accessories very trendy, 100% organic and vegan as beneficial for the planet as for the preservation of biodiversity. All our products are made by hand, in the north of Portugal by passionate artisans in search of authenticity and originality.

Exclusive Design

We combine our own design with exceptional craftsmen partners an ancestral know-how to make natural and responsible leather goods. Each model proposed on our E-shop is unique and respectful of the environment for a better balance between man and his habitat.

By choosing cork for our leather goods creations, we work for a more ethical world, contributing to the protection of animals and the preservation and maintenance of cork oak forests.

Wood Essence

CORK (Quercus suber) A real alternative to leather, cork is a renewable material from cork oak. Its great lightness, its natural impermeability and its resistance to everyday aggressions make it a prime material for leather goods and vegan fashion accessories.